Real de Jalpa currently has the most important blue agave plantation in Zacatecas State. We only use blue agave (Tequiliana Weber) planted and maintained by expert hands. For its optimal maturity degree it takes from six to eight years before "Jima" (harvesting Agave). During this time the Agave is carefully treated, this guarantees the finest quality product.
After eigth years of patience and care, the skilled workers called Jimadores harvest agave by using a sharp spear tool called Coa, this processes hasn´t changed in centuries.

Agave plant is similar to a big pineapple and it is considered a craft to slice off its leaves the nearest posible to the fruit, then the piña (pineapple) core is brought in from the fields, chopped one by one and transported to the ovens.
It is the first process applied to agave when it gets to our facilities. The piñas (pineapples) are steamed and cooled before being crushed in big mills.
After being crushed the fiber is removed and a delicous juice is extracted, then a special selected yeast is added which will convert sugars into Mezcal.
It is a natural process that involves the transformation of sugars into alcohol and aromatic compounds through enzymatic action that the yeast has in its growing stage.
The Spanish brougth to Mexico the alembic technology, which improved the distillation of the agave juice, a double distillation is used to obtain the white mezcal.
To obtain a rested product the next stage is the mellowing in white oak barrels for 8 months, these barrels are specially roasted to get a balance of aromas and flavors of agave and wood.
Located in central Mexico, Real de Jalpa is the largest producer of mezcal in the country with facilities of more than 3.000 square meters and a capacity to produce 6.000 liters per day of 100% blue agave Mezcal. It has its own plantations of agave which are maintained during eight years of growth to ensure the highest quality of its famous mezcal.


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