It can be produced from a variety of agave, but the Real de Jalpa Mezcal is produced only by the variety of blue agave "Tequilana Weber" the same used for the production of tequila.
The maguey was one of the most sacred plants in pre-Hispanic Mexico, and had a privileged position in religious rituals, mythology and the economy. Cooking of the "piña" or heart of the maguey and fermenting its juice was known. The origin of this drink has a myth. It is said that a lightning bolt struck an agave plant, cooking and opening it, releasing its juice. For this reason, the liquid is called the "elixir of the gods." However, it is not certain whether the native peoples of Mexico had any distilled liquors prior to the Spanish Conquest.

Upon introduction, these liquors were called aguardiente (literally fire or fiery water). The Spanish had known distillation processes since the eighth century and had been used to drinking hard liquor. They brought a supply with them from Europe, but when this ran out, they began to look for a substitute. They had been introduced to pulque and other drinks based on the agave or maguey plant, so they began experimenting to find a way to make a product with a higher alcohol content. The result is mezcal.
HOW LONG IS THE MELLOWING OF THE AGAVE? It takes from six to eight years for the plant to reach its maturity then the plant is harvested and after several processes the mellowing takes place in white oak barrels for 8 months.
WHY DOESN´T REAL DE JALPA HAVE A WORM? The worm is found in some other brands of mezcal, there is a belief that it is aphrodisiac but that´s just a myth and a marketing strategy.
WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MEZCAL AND TEQUILA? Actually, the tequila is a variety of mezcal, the only difference is the place where it is produced, currently Mezcal can be produced only in seven Mexican states including Zacatecas.
WHAT MEANS "REPOSADO"? It means that the Mezcal is aged in white oak barrels for at least two months, resulting in a smooth texture and better flavor.
WHAT MEANS "AÑEJO"? It is a designation given to the mezcal when it has rested in barrels for a period of at least one year.
IS MEZCAL BETTER THAN OTHER DRINKS? Many consider that Mezcal is a better beverage for its low content of higher alcohols, while other drinks such as whiskey, brandy and cognac high alcohols reach up to 1000 mg, Mezcal only has 400 mg, in other words, much more purity.

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